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Sonoma County Master Gardener Program

Master Gardeners have been present at the garden since its inception, helping to get the garden established and now providing educational opportunities and advice to garden visitors and volunteers. The UCCE Sonoma County Master Gardeners provide science based information at yearly workshops at the garden and via seasonal, timely videos.


You can find Master Gardener YouTube videos at this link. You can also follow them on Instagram and Facebook to get these informational videos delivered to your social media feed as they become available. You'll find them at the garden every Wednesday and they would be happy to answer your food gardening questions. They have lots of tips to help improve your soil, ways to encourage beneficial insects, manage insects that are eating your plants, grow vegetables in small spaces, etc. 


Master Gardeners have two spaces in the garden that they maintain: a perennial food garden and an annual food garden. They also maintain the fruit trees and can offer advice on how to get the most out of your trees.  

Veggie Happenings on YouTube

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